Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Should I Deal With College Boredom? I Need Ideas!

So, here's the thing:

There is absolutely ZILCH to do here for the most part. Mind you, my car isn't here... so I'm severely handicapped in terms of transportation. I'm in need of some great ideas for fun (or entertainment in general) ideas that I can do in my own apartment. Here's what I need some ideas on:

- Awesome games to play (Wii, 360, PC, iPhone)
- Recipes perhaps? I'm usually eating frozen junk here. (try and be easy on my wallet!)
- Awesome movies?
- Things to do on WoW? (I know, I know... I rarely play this as it is)

Any ideas are appreciated! Leave what you have in my comments. Thanks!


  1. Go read other peoples blog,dude
    its great learning new stuff

  2. Get some friends and start playing Pen and Paper RPGs. Its sociable, and its fun with alcohol!

  3. Start playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of 5 people. Once you get past the initial "omg DND people are nerds" you'll have a blast. That's still probably the one activity I REALLY miss after moving away after college, and so do my DND friends who moved to other places.

  4. Boredom messed up my college, and video games didn't help. Do some exercising or get a job and get money.

  5. Give Spelunky a try. It's free to download, and it's quite addicting.

  6. 1. get a cookie recipe from the internet.
    2. bake cookies
    3. every girl loves cookies.

  7. Get a pair of scissors or a knife, some old cardboard boxes, and a roll of sturdy tape. Like duct tape or packing tape.

    Start creating robot costumes. You need at least two different looking ones. I'd recommend four.

    Then grab a couple of friends, and hopefully someone with a camera, and start have Robot Battles!

    For extra fun, create a small cardboard city for a stage and have "Giant Robot Battles!"

    Check me out at: